My favorite Scriptures

Here is my favorite scriptures that I continue to focus and dwell on:

Matthew 6:33

This scriptures lets me know that if I seek god first and allow God totally access to every aspect of my life that everything else with be given to me, but I must truly lean and depend on God.

Matthew 10:39

I must totally lose everything, give up everything to follow Christ and we you do, you will find your true purpose and you will truly gain everything and more because you are willing to be more like him.

Proverb 31:30

This scripture is my motto Sometime I feel like the looks and everything else is important to make a woman beautiful, but over these year I have learn that is not true. True beauty comes when you totally submit and surrender to the Lord. It is amazing how a glow, a peace, and all the praise you will receive by walking in the will of God!

These are a few of my favorite scriptures that are helping me learn more and more about the importance of craving God in my life.